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Scots at War
Two one hour factual documentries
A look at how the past is reflected in the present
I have over 19 years of editing experience, on various Avids. Weapon of choice is Media Composer.

Lately I cut : Disaster Chef (Series Editor), Many faces of Michael Caine, The Real Hustle(Series Editor), Football Years, Waybuloo(Series Editor), Scots that Rock, Make Me Happier(Series Editor), Scots at War, Cowboy Trap Series 1(Series Editor), Vet School, Artworks - Staring Hallam Foe, Stakeout Series 1 & 2 (Series Editor).

Michael Caine
The Many Faces of Michael Caine
One Hour for BBC2
The Many faces of Michael Caine - (Network BBC2) The 'many faces' brand is now well established and it was really good fun making my way through hours of Michael Caine films. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" Enough said.

Scotland's Greatest Team
Vote for your dream team
Vote for your dream team in a 4:4:2 formation
Vet School
Horse operation
Series 1 for STV

The Football Years (Series 2) 3eps @ 60min - I was lucky enough to have worked on 'The Greatest Team' with Producer/Director Rod Tamime. So he promoted me for The Football Years II. We tackled 3 challenging periods of Scottish football: 1982 - Dundee United won the League in the last game of the season, 1986 - Hearts lost the League to Celtic in the last 10 minutes of the season and 1992 Rangers influence in the formation of the Champions League and domestic dominance. Great fun working with the range of archive and football drama.

The Greatest Team 5eps @ 60min - Football is considered ’The National Game’, although you may not realise it considering the quality of today's Scottish Players. This series looked back at happier Scottish football moments and offered viewers the chance to build their dream team on-line. Great fun cutting the archive from Jimmy Johnstone to David Cooper. Classic!

Vet School 5eps @ 60min - Fantastic series....Originally 4 parts, it had enough content to extend to a 5th episode and every frame was worth it. Following cases at the Dick Vet School in Edinburgh from reception through the recovery, each story told it’s self. Observational docs are not easy especially when the subject is blood and guts, but this was great fun and I’m very proud to have been a small part of it.

Jack is the 'Disaster Chef'
CBBC Disaster Chef
The Parent can't cook. So make them prepare a two course meal for three judges after just one cooking lesson. Messy but fun!
I am as comfortable cutting childrens programs (Officaially Amazing, Disaster Chefs) as I am working on documentries (Many Faces Robbie Cultrane, In Search of Robert Burns)

CGI mixed with live action
BAFTA Nominated 2011 - Waybuloo - (Series 3) What a fantastic privilege it was to work on this enormous production out in Renfrew. If the set didn't chill you out with all the Zen like symbols and wind chimes then the animation would have. Top shelf production from the concept to storyboards, from first slate to the last frame Waybuloo was an example of how money can make working in this industry an absolute joy. Series producer Simon Spencer and Director Dirk Campbell (BAFTA winner for In the night Garden) kept me company from time to time as I edited the animatics for Canadian CG artists Gallus. Simply the best!

You Say Party We Say Die
You Say Party We Say Die - promo
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